How Can I Make My Cake Taste More Moist?

Tucked away in a cake caddie or standing proudly on a glass serving dish, cake helps serve as a reminder of sweet things to come after a meal has been finished. The anticipation builds as the cake gets cut and served, but disappointment will be the result if your cake is dry and crumbly. Make your cake more moist by incorporating a few tips and tricks while you are preparing and baking the cake.

Add more sugar and shortening to your recipe. If you have too little of either ingredient, it can produce a dried out cake. Experiment by adding more sugar, butter or shortening in small amounts for a moist cake.

Mix the dry ingredients slowly into the wet ingredients. Fold the dry ingredients in with a spatula. Do not over mix the batter. Stir the ingredients just until combined.

Reduce the temperature of your oven. A high heat can dry out the cake as it is baking. Lower the heat by -3.89 degrees C to produce a tender and moist inside.

Cool the cake at room temperature in a draft-free area. The cake should stand at room temperature for two to three hours until completely cooled. A draughty area can cause the cake to become stale quickly.


Cook your cake in a deeper pan. Batter cooked in a shallow pan for a long period of time can dry the inside of the cake and produce a tough crust.

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