How to Copy and Paste Content on a Kindle

Updated March 23, 2017

Although the Kindle isn't a computer, it allows you to copy text in a book or document and paste it into the "My Notes & Marks" folder for later viewing. Unlike a regular book, you can't highlight text on Kindle with a highlighter so you can find it later. However, the device does offer a solution. You can use the highlight feature to copy text so you don't have to search through the entire book or document to find it again.

Open the book or document that contains the text you want to copy.

Place the cursor in front of the first word of the text you want to copy using the five-way controller.

Press the five-way controller, and then move the cursor to the end of the text you want to copy. If the text is several pages long, use the "Next Page" and "Prev Page" buttons to select text over several pages.

Press the five-way controller when the cursor is after the last word in the text you want to copy. The selected text is copied and pasted into "My Notes & Marks."

Press the "Menu" button, and then click "My Notes & Marks" to view the copied text.

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