How to Be a Blonde Goth

Updated April 17, 2017

Goths are members of the goth subculture. Beginning in the 1980s, the goth subculture became an aesthetic lifestyle with specific, wide-ranging trends in fashion, music and art, including dark-coloured and romantic clothing, and industrial music. Stereotypically, goths are called pale white people with black hair and black clothing, but this is far from the reality. Black people, people who like to wear colours other than black, and blondes can just as easily achieve a bonafide goth look!

Find some inspiration for your goth look. Check out magazines like "Gothic Beauty Magazine" or books like "Gothic and Lolita". Identify some styles that you like. Do you prefer the elegance of a Victorian ensemble for the romantic goth look? The dark rebelliousness of the punk goth? The ruffles and frills of the Lolita goth look? The neon and technology style of the cybergoth look?

Buy clothing with the characteristics of the goth style you have identified; i.e., historical and romantic (think Victorian and Roccoco style dresses), goth-music inspired (band shirts), feminine and frilly (short skirts with lots of ribbons and ruffles), high-tech (PVC clothing in neon colours), and there is more. Try a local goth clothing store (check the phone book), an online goth clothing shop or even a commercial store like Hot Topic.

Buy make-up according to your new goth style. Lots of black eyeliner and bright red lipstick is good for any goth look, but also consider: black lipstick for punk goth, red nail polish for romantic goth, electric colour eye shadow and lip stick for cyber goth and pale pink colours paired with black for Lolita goth.

Style your blonde hair according to your new goth look. Add some fake dreads (blonde or otherwise) for the cybergoth look. Design your hair up in an elegant updo for a romantic goth look and add a small top hat with a veil. Wear your hair down and straight or and put your hair up into two high pigtails and wrap ribbons around the bands holding your hair for Lolita goth. Wear your hair down or swept into a high ponytail for the punk goth look.

Accessorise your look. For Lolita goth, get a doll who has blonde hair, just like you, and some dainty stockings. For punk goth, go for the spiked collar, spiked wrist cuffs and fishnets. For cyber goth, opt for big clunky boots and goggles. For romantic goth, wear a beautiful beaded necklace and carry a lace bag.

Things You'll Need

  • Goth books and magazines
  • Goth clothing
  • Goth make-up
  • Goth accessories
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