How to make a treble clef with the computer

Written by dan richter | 13/05/2017
How to make a treble clef with the computer
A treble clef can be found at the beginning of a staff of sheet music. (Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images)

A treble clef is a music symbol used to indicate the pitch of G over middle C. Treble clefs are commonly used at the beginning of a music scale on sheet music.

While music symbols aren't found on a keyboard and are usually difficult to make, treble clefs can be made on a computer using a special font and word processing software.

Log on to the Internet and visit the website (see Resources). Look at the font samples and find the font named "Clefs." Download the font by clicking on either the "Windows" or "Mac" button, depending on which operating system your computer is running.

Click on the downloaded font folder to open it and extract the files inside. Right-click on the icon of the newly downloaded font and click on "Install." Wait for a moment while the font installs itself onto your computer. Take note that the title of the font is "Clefs."

Open your word processing software to a blank document. Click on the "Font" drop-down menu and change the selected font to "Clefs." Click back into the blank document and type either a lower case "Y" using your keyboard, which will appear as a traditional treble clef symbol on the screen.

Things you need

  • Word processing software

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