How to Remove ID3 Tags on a Mac

Written by julius vandersteen | 13/05/2017
How to Remove ID3 Tags on a Mac
Delete ID3 tags in MP3 files on your Mac with iTunes. (Brian Kersey/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

When you listen to MP3 audio files with iTunes, the free media-playing application that Apple installs on every Mac, you might notice that incorrect information from the files' ID3 tags appears in the iTunes window. For example, the name of an album could be misspelled, or you are certain that the wrong band or performer is listed. You can easily remove ID3 tags from songs in your iTunes library on your Mac.

Click "iTunes" on the Dock of your Mac to launch the application.

Click a playlist under "Playlists" in the left pane of the iTunes window if the songs you want to remove ID3 tags from are in a playlist. Otherwise, click "Music" under "Library" to see a list of all your songs.

Click a single song to select one song, then press the "Shift" key on the keyboard, and then click the final song in a group of songs if you want to select all of them to remove identical tags from multiple songs simultaneously.

Click "File" from the iTunes menu.

Click "Get Info." The info window opens.

Click the "Info" tab.

Double-click the text in a box for a tag, such as "Name," "Artist" or "Album" to select it.

Press the "Delete" key to remove the tag from one song if you only selected one track, or from every song if you selected multiple tracks.

Click "OK." The music is now saved with the ID3 tag or tags removed.

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