How to prune a bridal spirea

Updated February 21, 2017

The bridal wreath spiraea bush is filled with a network of wispy twigs and branches. The bushes can reach to heights and widths of several feet if left to grow freely. The branches arch upward from the centre of the bush. The shrubbery is filled with clusters of tiny white flowers in early spring. It is important to prune the bridal wreath spiraea bush to keep the growth under control and to rid the shrub of dead branches.

Move the branches of the bush to get a better view of the centre of the bridal wreath shrub after all flowers have finished blooming. Each cluster will have a yellow-brown colour. Check for dead and broken branches within the bush.

Cut away each cluster of dead flowers with pruning shears. Snip the entire tip of the branch to remove the complete set of dead blossoms. This cleanup should be done each spring to allow the plant to feed on the nutrients in the soil throughout the summer without losing nutrition to the flowering portions of the plant.

Cut any broken or dead branches from the bush at the bottom of the plant near the ground. Make sure to remove these types of branches every year. Pile the branches to the side of the bush or in a wheelbarrow until you can remove them from the area for disposal. This is a precaution against entangling your feet in the refuse as you work.

Remove any branch tips that have become overgrown and are so long that they block a pathway or interfere with another bush in the border or garden. An oversized spiraea bush can choke out flowering plants and shrubs.


Do not use dull blades when pruning a bridal wreath spiraea bush or the branches can be damaged. You can split a branch if the blades are dull.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Wheelbarrow
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