How to Train Jug Puppies

Updated March 27, 2017

When you are training a puppy, you need to begin with basic training commands. It is not any different if you are training your jug puppies. Jug puppies are hybrid puppies that are a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and the Pug. Jugs are small dogs and usually only weigh about 462 Kilogram. Depending on the exact mix, the temperament of the jug will vary. Jugs are usually very intelligent and will be easily trained. However, they also have dominant personalities in many cases.

Begin training your jug by teaching him a basic command. "Sit" is a good command to begin with. You will want to start training your jug puppy immediately when you bring him home. Call you puppy's name to get his attention.

State the command firmly. Do not yell or repeat yourself. If your voice sounds assertive, you jug will sense your seriousness.

Hold a treat up slowly in front of your jug's nose while stating the command. Raise the treat to his eyes. His rear end should automatically lower. If he doesn't sit, place your hand on your jug's hindquarters. Put a little pressure to encourage him to sit.

Reward your jug after he sits. Give him the treat. Jug puppies will learn quick with food.

Continue to state the command while holding the treat. You may need to practice the command and the treat with your jug puppy for a few sessions. Be patient.

Tell your jug to "sit" without food. This may take several training sessions before he learns. After he knows how to sit, reward with food sporadically but praise your jug puppy every time.

Reward your jug if he is able to sit on his own. If not, just continue to show him how to sit for another few training sessions. Jug puppies are smart but have short attention spans. Keep training sessions close.

Keep practicing. Even after your jug puppy has mastered the "sit" command, you will still need to practice. Jugs are intelligent and want to please you. They will enjoy practicing. After your jug has learnt how to sit, you will be able to teach other commands such as "down," "stay," or "come."


Keep sessions short for your jug puppy. Always be positive and end training sessions on a positive note.

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