How to Make Garden Animals

Updated February 21, 2017

Garden ornaments add a bit of whimsy to your garden. You can express your personality or fondness for an animal by using garden animals. Make your own garden animal ornaments using cement moulds. Cement moulds are available in a wide variety of animals, so you can decorate your garden with any number of creatures. It is not particularly difficult or expensive to make these ornaments, and they will be a lasting part of your garden. As the ornaments age, they will become more a natural part of their surroundings.

Mix 1 part Portland cement, 3 parts damp sand and water in a mixing trough using a trowel. Add in small amounts of water until you achieve a thick consistency that can be patted into shape with your hands.

Place the animal mould on a work surface. Spray the inside of the mould with a mould release spray. It is important to coat the entire inside of the mould to avoid it sticking as the cement dries.

Pour the mixed cement into the mould and pat it down with your hands to make sure it is firmly filled and is free of any air bubbles. Place the mould in a dry place overnight.

Remove the mould once the cement has hardened. Mist the cement garden animal with a spray bottle of water, and place it in a trash bag in a cool dry place.

Keep the ornament evenly moist for three days by keeping it covered in the bag and misting it several times throughout the day. Remove the bag and place the ornament in your garden.


Make a variety of animals that are based around a theme, such as frogs and turtles for a pond theme.


Wear eye and hand protection when working with cement.

Things You'll Need

  • Portland cement
  • Damp sand
  • Water
  • Mixing trough
  • Trowel
  • Animal mould
  • Mold release spray
  • Spray bottle, with water
  • Plastic bag
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