How to Make a Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume

Updated April 17, 2017

When crafting a Lady Gaga inspired meat dress for Halloween or a costume party, do not attempt to use real raw meat -- though if you're willing to go all out, you could use tofu bacon or dog treats. The easiest way to replicate the original Lady Gaga meat dress is to have a picture printed out or on screen to use as a reference.

Buy an inexpensive or used dress -- something short with straps and light in colour. You can also cut an oversized T-shirt to create the shape of a dress. If needed, paint or tie-dye with a scarlet red colour to create a marbled-meat look.

Buy fleshy or bloody coloured fabric, meat print fabric or iron-on transfers -- it is also possible to get blank iron-on transfers, allowing you to take or download photographs of meat and print them at home. If you decide to go with the iron-ons, you'll need additional fabric to transfer them onto. You can use more than one fabric to add colour and dimension to the costume.

Cut random pieces of the meat print fabric and/or the fabric you transferred a meat image onto. Try different shapes to make your final product closely resemble the original meat dress -- long strips, jagged edges and various sized triangles work well.

Using fabric adhesive or a hot-glue gun, attach your meat fabric pieces onto the dress or chopped T-shirt. Layer them as best as possible to hide the cuts and seams -- the final dress should be a v-neck, short in the front and draped down long along the sides and back. You can sew the pieces also if desired.

Try your dress on and note any necessary alterations. Add or remove any extra pieces as needed.

Wrap and glue a few pieces of meat fabric around high heel shoes. Attach additional fabric pieces to a hair clip to complete the costume.

Things You'll Need

  • Short dress or oversized T-shirt
  • Meat print fabric or iron-on transfer (with additional lightly-coloured fabric)
  • Fabric adhesive or hot-glue gun
  • Scarlet red fabric dye
  • Scissors
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