How to Repair a Tooth With Cyanoacrylate Glue

Updated November 21, 2016

Cyanoacrylate glue is not something that comes up in the course of normal conversation, dental or otherwise. However, cyanoacrylate glue is easily recognisable one of its brand names, which include Krazy Glue and Super Glue. While cyanoacrylate glue is dangerous to the nerve of vital -- living -- teeth, often necessitating tooth removal or root-canal therapy, it can be used on broken denture teeth. Even then, though, the broken dentures will eventually require the attention of a dentist to repair them correctly.

Wash and the denture and the denture tooth.

Remove any debris in the slot on the denture the tooth fell out of with a toothpick.

Try inserting the tooth into the slot on the denture it came from. It should slide right into place.

Use fine-grit sandpaper to roughen the back of the tooth, along with the slot it fell out of. This helps the glue hold the tooth.

Wash and dry the denture and the denture tooth again to ensure all acrylic dust from sanding gets removed.

Apply a small drop of cyanoacrylate glue to the inside of the slot where the tooth fell out of the denture. It will not take much of the glue, and if the denture is overfilled, the denture tooth will be displaced and will not sit properly in the slot where it belongs.

Place the tooth back into the slot where it belongs with tweezers, using the tweezers to hold the tooth in place until the glue sets This normally takes less than a minute.


Dry the denture and the tooth thoroughly. The glue will not adhere to a wet surface.


Cyanoacrylate glue should not be used to re-cement dental crowns, permanent or temporary, or to repair a broken natural tooth. Pharmacies carry over-the-counter temporary cements and filling materials that will not harm the nerve of the tooth, or the soft tissues around it. A cyanoacrylate glue repair is not optimal. The denture should be properly repaired by a dentist with a dental laboratory.

Things You'll Need

  • Toothpicks
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Cyanoacrylate glue
  • Tweezers
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