How to Reformat a Dell XPS M1330

Updated March 23, 2017

If your Dell M1330 laptop is beyond repair with viruses, or if the computer has slowed down considerably, it might be best to completely reformat the unit. This can be achieved by reinstalling the operating system. After saving files you want to keep to CDs and external drives, reinstall Windows Vista onto the laptop. Reformatting restores the computer back to the factory default settings of a newly purchased model.

Insert your Windows Vista installation or recovery disc and shut down the laptop.

Press "F12" when the Dell logo appears on your monitor.

Highlight "CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive" from the boot menu and press the "Enter" key. Press any key afterwards to boot from the CD-ROM.

Choose the language, time and keyboard type in the first window, and click "Next."

Click "Install Now" to begin.

Enter the Windows product key that is printed on the box or CD sleeve of your Windows disc, and click "Next."

Select your version of Windows Vista from the list, click the box verifying that you selected the correct version, and click "Next."

Accept the license terms and agreement after reading it, and click "Next."

Click "Custom (Advanced)" and click "Next."

Select the drive available, and click "Next." If you wish to partition your drive and install Vista on one partition, this is the step where you can create a new partition. If you do not want to partition, select the one drive available.

Wait for the computer to automatically restart and install Windows.

Click "Restart Now" when the window appears. Windows unloads a few more files and will restart automatically once more.

Complete the installation by creating a username and password for yourself, naming your computer and selecting the date and time.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Vista CD
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