How to Find My Kaspersky Product Key

Written by tyson cliffton | 13/05/2017

The product activation key makes it possible for you to install and activate Kaspersky software. Any time you uninstall Kaspersky from a computer because of issues with the program or because you completely formatted the machine, you will need the product activation key to reinstall and activate the program. Your product activation key is located either on the original disc sleeve or, if you've updated the product, in an e-mail from Kaspersky. After you install the product you will be given a license key that lets you update the product and contact Kaspersky for technical support.

Locate the original envelope that contains the installation disc for the version of Kaspersky you are using. Position the envelope so you are looking at the back of the envelope, which is the side that does not have the clear plastic piece, so you can see the side of the installation disc that displays the name of the program. Locate the sticker at the bottom of the envelope. The sticker shows the name of the Kaspersky program you purchased followed by an activation code.

Open the email account to which you had your order confirmation sent. Search for "Kaspersky" to view e-mail received from Kaspersky. Search your e-mail from Kaspersky for one that says "Order Confirmation" in the subject line and click to open that e-mail. The activation code for the product you purchased is included.

Open the Kaspersky program on the computer. Click "Support" in the lower-left corner of the program to open the Support dialogue box. The License Key is listed to the right of License.

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