How to Make Diapers Out of Towels

Updated April 17, 2017

If you have run out of disposable or cloth diapers and don't know what to do, craft a cloth diaper out of a towel. Towels work well because they are thicker than normal cloth diapers, which makes them very absorbent. You can put one on your baby and leave the house for a few hours without having to change her diaper in public. Be careful about using towels too often, however, because they can leave red marks or rashes on your baby's bottom.

Fold your hand towel in half so that the shorter ends meet. Fold the towel again in thirds, keeping the same orientation.

Fan out the top of the towel into a Y shape. This creates a pocket where the baby's waste is held.

Place your baby in the towel diaper so that his bottom is located on the pocket that you created by fanning the towel out. The back of the diaper should be at his navel.

Pull the baby's diaper up between his legs. Fan out the front of the diaper so that it can be easily attached to the backof the diaper.

Secure the diaper with safety pins or a cloth diaper holder attachment.


Do not use a microfiber towel, which will dry out your baby's skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand towel
  • Safety pins or cloth diaper holder
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