How to Block Your Number When You're Texting Someone

Updated July 19, 2017

Text messaging has become a way of communicating by sending short messages of 160 characters or less to someone's cellphone from your cellphone. However, you may need to send a text message to someone that you would rather not expose your cellphone number to. You can block your cell number by sending an anonymous text message from an online text messaging website. Most of the websites are free to use and you don't have to disclose your cellphone number. The recipient of the text message may incur charges depending upon his cellphone plan.

Open your Internet browser on your computer or on your cellphone if it has Internet access.

Navigate to an online text message website of your choice.

Read the information presented on the web page such as Terms of Service before attempting to send a text message.

Fill out the provided text message form on the web page including the recipient's cell number, wireless provider and the message.

Click "Send Text Message." The message will arrive shortly to the recipient's cellphone without your cellphone number.

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