How to write a forgiveness letter to a judge

Written by mike johnson | 13/05/2017
How to write a forgiveness letter to a judge
An outburst in a court of law will likely anger the judge. (Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images)

A forgiveness letter to a judge is a letter that is asking the judge for forgiveness for some wrongdoing you have committed. For example, if you caused a scene in the courtroom you might send a forgiveness letter to the judge to try to avoid further complications in the case of your loved one or your own case. Asking the judge for forgiveness is a sign of respect and also demonstrates your maturity, which the judge is sure to appreciate.

Head the letter with your name and address. You also can include your phone number if you think the judge might want to contact you.

Add the formal title of the judge below your contact information. Address the judge appropriately. For a judge in the Supreme Court, the title will be either "Chief Justice of the United States" or simply "Justice" and then the judge's surname. For other courts, the judge should be addressed as "Honorable" and then the judge's full name.

Include the court where the judge presides and the address of the courthouse below the judge's formal title.

Address the judge accordingly in the greeting. For a chief justice, address the letter as "Dear Chief Justice." For an associate justice, say "Dear Justice" and add the judge's surname. For all other judges, say "Dear Judge" and add the surname.

Apologise right away in the letter and ask for the judge's forgiveness. Explain that you were in the wrong.

Give some explanation for your actions. For example, an outburst in court might be explained by your emotional connection to the case. Always put the blame back on yourself, not on others and certainly not on the judge.

Say again that you are sorry and that you hope the judge will be able to forgive your actions.

Close the letter with something like "Sincerely" or "Regards" and type your name a few lines below. You will sign your name clearly with an ink pen before you send out the letter.

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