How to Create Your Own Nike Sneakers for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

When it comes to sneakers, most kids like to follow the latest trends. This can create a dilemma for parents when they are shopping for their kids' shoes. Some shoe brands such as Nike offer online customisation for kids' sneakers. Customising sneakers will make sure that parents will have the right sneakers to suit their kid's taste. What's more, both parents and kids can enjoy designing the sneakers together.

Go to the Nike ID website at After clicking the country where you are located, select "Men" or "Women" from the menu. There is a "Kids" section under both. Clicking on "Kids" will bring you to a page with all the children's sneaker styles.

Skim all the photos of various sneaker styles and click on your choice. A new window will open where you can begin to customise your sneakers.

Click "Start Blank" and view all the design options. Choose your colour combinations. You can select different colours for different shoe parts such as the base, overlay, heel, reflective swoosh sign, lining, lace, midsole rim, midsole and outsole. This is where your kids can be as creative as they want.

Personalise your sneakers by clicking "Heel ID." You will have the option of putting an eight-letter word at the back of your sneakers. Ideally you should put your child's name or nickname. You can also choose the colour of the text.

Click "Size and Fit" to choose the size and width of the sneakers. Lastly, indicate how many pairs you want to buy. Click "Add to Cart" to purchase your sneakers. Inut the necessary credit card information


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