How to Mix Down on Fruity Loops

Written by christian mullen
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How to Mix Down on Fruity Loops
All the recorded tracks must be mixed to stereo to listen to in a CD player. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Fruity Loops, or FL as it is now known, is an all-in-one professional digital audio editing suite that allows you to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master any type of audio in any style imaginable. When the tracks are separated, you can only listen to them using the Fruity Loops program, but by mixing them all together and exporting them as a stereo track, you can listen to your finished product on a car stereo, in an MP3 or anywhere where you can play commercial quality music.

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    Set the Master fader to 0 dB and make all the volume changes on the individual tracks. This will allow you to be consistent when you create the mix in Fruity Loops. Fruity Loops is a multi-track audio program that makes looping easy, but also can be used as a multi-track recording platform. With multiple tracks of sounds, you will need to mix them all together into one single stereo track.

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    Play all of the tracks as they currently are set. Listen carefully to the tracks to look for any sounds, instruments or individual samples that may need to be compressed or equalised to make the track sound good. The way you hear the track while it is playing is what it will sound like when it is mixed in Fruity Loops, so make sure it sounds the way it needs to at this point.

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    Ensure the core elements are prominent in the mix and that all tracks are edited to be silent when nothing is being played. The core elements of the type of music mixed in the Fruity Loops program are kick, snare, bass, vocals and synthesizers. These should all be loud enough to be overhead, but should not stick out too much and should blend in for a nice sound.

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    Ensure everything that needs stereo imaging is panned correctly. There may be sounds that need to be farther to the left or right, so proceed with any panning adjustments as the way they are when the tracks are played separately is the way they will sound after being mixed. This is also a good time to make sure you have enough headroom. The Master fader indicator should not go over minus 6 dB for the mix.

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    Export the audio as a .wav file onto your desktop or in a specified folder. Exporting the file mixes it down to a stereo track. Burn the track or convert it into an .mp3 file for use with an MP3 player. Burning it onto a disk in .wav format allows you to listen to it in a CD player in your home, on your computer or in your vehicle.

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