How to Take the Battery Cover Off a Sony Ericsson

Updated February 21, 2017

Sony Ericsson manufactures several cellphone and smartphone models, all of which are powered by a rechargeable battery housed in the back of the phone. You can access the battery compartment to install or remove the battery, SIM card and, on some models, the memory card. To access the battery compartment you need to remove the battery cover from the back of your Sony Ericsson phone.

Flip your Sony Ericsson phone over and look for a slot between the body of the phone and the battery cover. You will find the slot on the bottom of the phone, such as with the Xperia Play; on the side of the phone, such as with the Xperia X8; or on both sides of the phone, such as with the Aspen.

Insert your fingernail into the slot or slots, depending on if your phone model has a slot on the left and right side of the phone. You can also insert a small, blunt object into the slot. Do not use a sharp object as it may damage the phone.

Lift up with your finger or on the object to remove the battery cover from your Sony Ericsson phone. Users with a Sony Ericsson phone that has two slots can open one at a time if it is too difficult to lift both sides at once.


To replace the battery cover, slide the upper part of the cover onto the phone over the battery compartment and then press down on the lower part of the cover until it clicks in place.

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