How to Use Yaesu FT-817ND

Updated February 21, 2017

The Yaesu FT-817 is a self-contained portable transceiver that covers the HF, VHF and UHF bands. It's designed for backpacking into the wilderness and can be used when hiking and camping or for search-and-rescue. The radio provides five watts of output power. Using the FT-817 involves turning it on, choosing bands, adjusting levels, setting frequencies and more. These functions can be accomplished by following some steps.

Turn the FT-817 on with the switch labelled "PWR" that is on the top right of the face. Then choose the band that you want to use. Press the "Band (DWN)" or "Band (Up)" keys above the Yaesu logo to step between bands, for example, to move between 3.5MHz and 7.0MHz, press "Band (Up)" once.

Press one of the "Mode" buttons with the left-hand arrow or right-hand arrow switches to move between operating modes such as "AM," "FM," CW" and more. Adjust the volume using the control labelled "AF" at the bottom right of the unit's face.

Set the custom functions that you need for your transmission. Press and hold the "F" key for one second to enter the Menu mode. Rotate the "SEL" knob to recall the Menu item you need to change. For example, item one enables or disables repeater shift on the 144MHz band. Rotate the "DIAL" knob to set the feature, for example, "Disable," then press "F" again for one second to save the setting.

Set the RF Gain and Squelch with the inner control on the "AF" knob and set the operating frequency. In "SSB," "CW," or "DIG" modes rotate the large "Dial" knob to set the frequency. In "AM," "FM" or "PKT" use the smaller "SEL" knob. Press the Push-To-Talk button to transmit.

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