How to Describe a Knight of the Middle Ages

Updated July 20, 2017

During the middle ages in England there were three types of fighting men: archers, foot soldiers, and knights. Of all of the skilled soldiers, knights were the most impressive, being essentially a tank of the middle ages. Their armour was heavy and frightening to look at, their lifestyles were unique and they lived by their own code or morality. Being a knight took a lot of training and money, but they earned fame and wealth in return.

Look at images of knights and consider their armour. Knights wore armour made of metal sheets, chain mail, and heavy metal helmets. Describe what knights wore in detail.

Detail the moral code that knights of the middle ages followed. This was a code of chivalry that promised loyalty to God and the king, to protect the weak, to speak the truth, and to never refuse a challenge from an equal.

Describe the skills that knights of the middle ages needed to have. Jousting was a popular sport that required strength as well as expert horseback riding. Learning swordplay as well as how to use bows and arrows were also necessary.

Talk about the unique lifestyle that knights led. Knights had to be rich to afford their career, and were often awarded land once they earned their title. This added to their wealth.


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