How to Attach a Slide Clasp to a Bracelet

Slide clasps are used to make multi-strand beaded bracelets or necklaces. Slide clasps consist of a pair of interconnecting metal tubes that slide into each other to hold the bracelet in place on your wrist. Both sides or ends of the slide clasp tubes have four loops or rings that are used to tie four strands of beads to and keep them separate. Attach a slide clasp to a multi-strand bracelet made with your favourite beads.

Cut four 12-inch long pieces of beading cable with wire cutters. Slide a crimp tube onto the end of one cable. Move it 2 inches down from the end of the cable. Thread the cable end with the crimp bead through the bottom hole of a bracelet separator bar so that it extends out of it by 2 inches. Tape the 2-inch end of the wire down onto your workspace with masking tape.

String 20 4-millimeter round beads in a colour pattern of your choice onto the long end of the cable and slide them down to the separator bar. Insert the free end of the cable into the bottom hole of a separator bar. String 20 round beads onto the cable in the same pattern as before.

Insert the cable into the bottom hole of another separator bar. Slide a crimp tube onto the cable. Tape the free end of the cable down to your workspace. Do the same with the next three cables to make four beaded cables running between the three separator bars.

Remove the top right cable end from the tape. Separate the two halves of the sliding clasp. Set one half aside next to the left end of the bracelet and hold onto the other half.

Insert the top cable through the top ring on the first half of the slide clasp tube. Loop the cable end around the ring, back toward itself and insert it back through the crimp tube. Pull the wire tightly through the crimp tube so that the separator bar moves up to meet the crimp tube. Set the jaws of the crimping pliers around the crimp tube. Apply even firm pressure on the handles of the crimping pliers to crimp the tube. Trim the cable short with wire cutters. Repeat for the rest of the right ends of the remaining three cables.

Slide the beads and separator bar down as far as they will go to the right of the bracelet and pull them tight. Check the orientation of the other half of the slide clasp to ensure that it is positioned correctly so that when the bracelet clasp is closed, it will be easy to open. If the open end is at the top on the right, the open end should be at the bottom on the left.

Remove the first top left end cable from the tape. Insert it into the top ring of the other slide clasp tube half. Bring the cable around and insert it back through the crimp tube. Pull the cable tight to move the separator bar up next to the crimp tube. Crimp the tube down onto the cable. Add the rest of the cables to their corresponding rings on the second half of the slide clasp tube in the same manner. Trim all the left cable ends close to the crimp tubes with wire cutters.

Things You'll Need

  • Beading cable, 5 feet
  • Wire cutters
  • 10 crimp tubes
  • Three 4-hole multi-strand bracelet separator bars
  • Masking tape
  • Round beads, assorted coordinating colours, 4-millimeters
  • One 4-strand (4 rings) multi-strand tube clasp
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