How to get Facebook to stop suggesting

Among social media tool Facebook's helpful features is that it allows you to cross-reference your list of e-mail contacts to see who's on Facebook. It then gives you the opportunity to add your choice of these contacts. If you don't provide a definitive "Yes" or "No" the first time, however, Facebook keeps "suggesting" you add friends you passed up the first time, something it continues doing until you adjust your settings otherwise.

Log in to your Facebook account. Click "Friends," located along the left side of your Facebook News Feed. Click "Find Friends."

Click "Manage Imported Contacts," located at the top of the screen under "Add Personal Contacts as Friends." Scroll down to the bottom of the list, and click "Remove All Contacts."

Click the "Remove" button to remove imported contacts and stop Facebook from making friend suggestions in the future.


Note that Facebook still suggests friends of friends who weren't listed among the contacts you imported. There is no way to remove these suggestions as of the time of publication.

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