How to Make a Person in Text Using Letters

Updated February 21, 2017

When communicating via a text-only medium, such as e-mail or SMS messages, many people elect to use character-based symbols. Some symbols include smiley faces, hearts and abbreviations like "BRB" or "LOL." Symbols that focus on people include basic human figures, smiling faces, frowning faces and famous characters like Uncle Sam. Create symbols using the basic keys on a computer keyboard or cell phone.

Create a happy face-only smiley by writing ":" then ")" to create the symbol ":)." Create an anime smiley by writing "^," then "" then "^" to create the symbol "^^." Draw a smiley with curly hair by adding a "&" to a normal smiley to create "&:)". Draw a drooling smiley by adding periods after any smiley to create ":)...." Draw a grinning smiley by during the parenthesis into a "D" for form ":D."

Draw an unhappy person by turning the left-parenthesis into a right-parenthesis. This creates ":(." Add a nose using the dash to create ":-(." Draw a crying face by adding a single-quote after the eyes. This creates ":'-(."

Create an average person in text by typing "O," dash, line, dash less than sign This looks like "O-|-<." Draw a guy on a skateboard by adding a line after the person. This looks like "O-|-<|." Create a dancing person by during the lines into slashes. This looks like "O--<."

Write a very simple person by typing "o-Ic." Give the person a big head by capitalising the "O" to create "O-lc." Give the person long legs by capitalising the "C" to create "o-lC."

Create a "Homer Simpson" by typing "=(_8^(1)." Write a "Marge Simpson" by typing " >@@@@8^)." Create an "Uncle Sam" by typing "=|:-)=."


Many instant messaging programs turn common text-based symbols into graphical symbols. For example, AIM turns the popular symbol ":)" into an image of a smiley face.

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