How to Decorate a Cake with Rabbit Faces

Decorate cakes with rabbit faces for children's birthday parties, Easter cakes or other springtime celebrations, as rabbits are symbols of fertility. This can be done any number of ways, from fondant bunny shapes sitting atop cakes to cakes decorated with rabbit faces and pieces of candy. Cakes shaped like rabbit faces are another option. Practice sketching your rabbit design with paper and pencil before drawing with frosting on your cake or attempting a fondant sculpture.

Use brown, pink or white frosting to make a bunny face outline on your cake, which includes large rabbit ears. Fill in the design with the same colour frosting or different frosting colour if desired. Make the rabbit face as large or small as you want depending on the size and type of cake you are frosting.

Place a gum drop in the centre of the rabbit face as a bunny nose and use liquorice whips for the rabbit mouth and whiskers. Use dark M & M or Reeses candy for the bunny eyes.

Fill in the bunny ears with pink heart-shaped marshmallows to complete the rabbit face on your cake.

Shape fondant into rabbit body parts, including the body, head, eyes, nose, whiskers, ears and appendages. The size and style of your fondant rabbit is up to you--make a rabbit with pudgy, rounded features and a larger head and large upright ears, or make a thinner fondant rabbit with big floppy ears and large bunny feet.

Sculpt the fondant pieces into one another using frosting as "glue" if needed. Don't forget to press the eyes, nose and whiskers into the front of the bunny face.

Paint the fondant rabbit with fondant icing in your chosen colour scheme. Ideas include brown and white, pink and white, two different shades of pink, grey and pink or cream and orange.

Carefully place your fondant rabbit(s) on top of your selected cake or cupcakes.


Make a bow tie outline out of M & Ms and other round candies and place below the rabbit face as an additional cake decoration.

Things You'll Need

  • Selected frosting
  • Gum drop
  • M&Ms;, other round candy
  • Liquorice strips
  • Pink heart-shaped marshmallows
  • Fondant
  • Fondant icing
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