How to convert eml to doc

Written by alizarin black | 13/05/2017

EML is an e-mail message that contains attachments or files. Microsoft Outlook is one such e-mail program that supports EML. DOC is a word processing document in Microsoft Word and other programs. The DOC contains text, tables, page formatting, graphs and pictures. You can convert an EML to DOC with an online document converter.

Download, install and run Total Mail Converter (see Resources).

Click "File" and then click "Open File" to load the EML files that you want to convert.

Check-mark the e-mails that you want to convert in the file list.

Click "DOC" on the "Convert to" bar on Total Mail Converter. A "Convert" window appears. Select a folder to save the DOC.

Click "Start Conversion" on the left side of the "Convert" window and then click "Start!" to convert EML to DOC.

Use the document converter at (see Resources).

Click the "Choose File" button to upload an EML.

Select the "Convert to DOC" option from the drop-down menu. Click the "Convert file" button to begin conversion.

Navigate to (see Resources).

Click "Choose File" to load an EML and then click "Continue."

Click on the "DOC" icon. FileMinx converts your EML to DOC. It may take several seconds to accomplish.

Click the download link when conversion is complete to save the DOC to your hard drive.

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