How Do You Turn on the Wireless on the Alienware M15?

Alienware is a line of boutique gaming desktop and laptop computers. The M15x model was a 15-inch laptop computer in the mobile line-up; it was available until early 2011. The M15x laptop included an internal wireless adaptor that allows you to connect to wireless local area networks (LANs) when you are within range. If you wish to enable the wireless adaptor, you can quickly do so with integrated hardware on your laptop. Alternately, use the network software within Windows 7 to turn on your Alienware M15x's wireless connection.

Press the "Wireless" button on the capacitive touch strip above your keyboard. The icon depicts wireless signals emanating from a tall, narrow beacon.

Open the Start menu (click the Windows-logo button on the lower-left-hand corner of the screen). Click "Control Panel" if your wireless button does not work.

Click "View Network Status and Tasks" from the available options in the Control Panel and click "Change Adapter Settings" from the sidebar. Click "Wireless Network Connection" and choose "Enable this device" from the toolbar above the connections list to turn on your wireless adaptor.

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