How to Turn Off Hyphenation in InDesign CS5

Updated February 21, 2017

Hyphenation is the splitting of words within a paragraph that would extend beyond the right margin of the page. The function is available in a variety of word processing and desktop publishing applications, including Adobe InDesign Creative Suite 5 (CS5). Hyphenation is automatic when entering text into a text box while designing InDesign CS5 pages. You can also edit words containing hyphens and insert manual hyphens when designing pages if you don't like the way a certain word is split. When working manually with hyphens in InDesign CS5, you can turn off the automatic hyphenation process.

Click "Type" on InDesign CS5's main toolbar at the top of the screen. Click "Paragraph Styles" to open the "Paragraph Styles" dialogue box.

Right-click on the first "Heading" or "Paragraph" style entry in the open dialogue box. Click "Edit XXXX" with "XXXX" representing the name of the specific heading or paragraph style.

Click the "Hyphenation" link in the left panel of the "Paragraph Style Options" dialogue box. Click the check box next to "Hyphenate" to remove the check mark and turn off automatic hyphenation within InDesign CS5.

Click "OK."


Note, hyphens inserted into your InDesign document before disabling automatic hyphenation will still remain throughout your document. If you do not like how the program hyphenated one or more words, you must manually remove the hyphens and split the words to your liking.

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