How to write a congratulatory letter to a newly elected member of parliament

Updated February 21, 2017

There are many reasons that a person would want to compose a congratulatory letter to a newly elected member of parliament. Perhaps you were a major campaign contributor. Perhaps you had a past business relationship with the new parliamentary member. Maybe you just want to reconnect with an old school friend who has just won an important political office. Whatever your motivation, it is important to follow the basic steps for writing a letter to a newly elected MP.

Compose the letter in a word processor. While handwritten notes are certainly more personal, they are also much harder to read. You should, however, sign letters that are typewritten before mailing them.

Open your letter by offering your sincere congratulations on their election. You can also explain what part of their constituency you hail from, if you like.

Stick to one main point. You may want to bring up several different topics with this MP, but you should keep each letter succinct and to the point. Write multiple letters if you must, but a letter to an MP should never be more than one page.

Use a formal, polite tone. Even if you don't agree with every one of the MP's policies or political stances, it is important to be polite, or risk having your letter thrown away.

Make it personal. A politician and their staff review hundreds of letters and e-mails per day, so you will stand out from the crowd if you can relate your letter's main point to a personal story or anecdote.

Close the letter by congratulating them again, and asking for a response or a meeting. For example, "I look forward to your response" or "I hope that one of your aides can schedule a time for us to meet in the coming weeks." Remind the MP of any promises they made on the campaign trail that relate to your reason for writing.

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