How to Use Your Own Poem to Add to Gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

Creating a poem is a very loving and highly personal addition to a gift. Taking the time to write special words for the recipient is sure to be appreciated. Use your special gift in poetry writing and turn the poem into a gift. Choose paper stock, frames and embellishments that coordinate with the words and sentiment you have chosen and the occasion for giving a poem as a gift.

Use a short poem (one that has six lines or less) on the gift tag. Print the poem on card stock paper. Create the gift tag by cutting a shape around the poem, such as a circle, square of rectangle. Use a coloured marker to outline the border of the shape. Add glitter to give it a decorative accent. Punch a hole at the top and use a ribbon to attach the gift tag poem to a wrapped present or gift basket.

Frame your poem so that it becomes a gift. Find a frame that is just the right size and the colour or one that the frame design ties in with your poem. Print the poem on your computer printer or at a photocopy store. Trim the paper so that it can fit inside of the frame. Wrap the framed poem to add to your gift.

Create a mirror for framing with your poem. Print the poem on clear adhesive paper as another way to frame it as a memento. Get the clear adhesive paper from an office supply store, making sure that it will work with your printer. Peel the paper backing away and carefully apply the clear sheet to a mirror. Frame the poem mirror and wrap it as a gift.

Give your poem an antique look and give it as a scroll. Find paper stock with an aged or marbled look at your local photocopy store or art supply store. Print the poem onto the paper and roll it into a tube shape that's 1 inch or less in diameter to give it the "scroll" effect. Find a nice silk or satin ribbon to tie the scroll. Add the scroll to your assembly of gifts.

Turn your poem into a bookplate for a book gift. Print the poem onto a sheet of paper or a full sheet of label stock. Add a border to surround the poem. Cut the paper so the bookplate poem is no more than 4 inches by 5 inches (the size of an index card). Glue the card on the inside cover of the book.

Let your poem serve as the greeting card for your gift. Go through old Christmas and birthday cards to find one you can part with. Flatten the card and cut it along the score line. Use the half that has the visual on one side and is blank on the other side. Print the poem on the blank side to create a "greeting poem" to add to your gift. Feature the poem on the inside of a gift basket or slip it inside of an envelope to add to a wrapped present or gift bag.


Add graphics that tie in to the poem sentiment. Use clear wrap around a gift basket so that your poem stands out. Consider slightly burning the edges of paper to giving the poem an antique look. Explore graphic design software for your printer to find templates to use for printing your poem.

Things You'll Need

  • Card stock
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Paper hole punch
  • Frame
  • Mirror
  • Clear adhesive paper
  • Parchment or speciality art paper
  • Full sheet label stock
  • Old greeting cards
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