How to Print Your Own Livescribe Paper

Updated April 17, 2017

Livescribe smart pens record audio while you take notes. When you review your notes, tap on any of your writing with your smart pen and the recorded audio plays back through the built-in speaker. For the pen to link your notes and audio, you must use Livescribe dot paper. You can purchase the dot paper through the Livescribe website or you can print the paper yourself. But you must have a printer that meets certain printing standards.

Click on the Livescribe icon on your desktop.

Select "Tools," "Printable Notepads" and then choose "Notepad 1," "Notepad 2," "Notepad 3" or "Notepad 4," if you are running the Windows Livescribe desktop.

Select "Tools" and "Print Your Own Notebook" if you are using the Mac Livescribe Desktop.

Select a PostScript-compatible laser printer from the drop-down list.

Click "Print."


If you don't have the Livescribe desktop software, download it for free from the Livescribe website. To print your own dot paper, you must have a colour laserjet printer that is compatible to Adobe PostScript and can print at 600 dpi or higher. Livescribe recommends that you first print a test page to make sure your printer can print the sheets properly. Under "Tools," select "Printable Notepads" and then "Test Page." After the test page prints, use your smart pen and follow the directions on the page, which instruct you to write words on the paper. Dock your smart pen to your computer and examine the test page in Livescribe Desktop. If all the words transferred correctly, you can print your own notepad.

Things You'll Need

  • Livescribe desktop software
  • PostScript-compatible printer
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