How to draw a hexagon on autocad

Updated July 19, 2017

AutoCAD is a drafting program that is used worldwide in a variety of industries. One of AutoCAD's strengths is its extensive range of tools for drafting in both 2D and 3D. Many tasks that can be tedious or difficult to do by hand are made much simpler in AutoCAD -- and are often reduced to a couple of mouse clicks. Drawing hexagons and other polygons in AutoCAD is just one such example of this.

Open AutoCAD onto a blank sheet or an existing drawing.

Start the "Polygon" tool by typing "polygon" at the command line, then hitting "Enter." Alternatively, pick the "Polygon" icon from the draw toolbar or panel, depending on which version of AutoCAD you are using.

Enter the number of sides required at the command line prompt. For a hexagon type in 8 then hit "Enter."

Left-click with the mouse or type a coordinate to place the centre point, when prompted by the command line.

Choose the method of creating your hexagon: an inscribed or circumscribed circle. With the inscribed method, the points of the hexagon will touch the inside of the circle. The circumscribed method has the middle of each edge on the outside of the circle. Hit "Enter."

Input a radius for the circle. You can either pick a point using the mouse or enter a size. As you do this you can see the hexagon. Once you define the size by either method the hexagon is created.


The circle used in creating the hexagon (inscribed or circumscribed) is never seen by the user. It is just for defining the method by which the hexagon is created.

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