How to Remove Slow Seeds in uTorrent

uTorrent makes use of peer-to-peer (P2P) and torrent technology, which make it possible to share large files, such as movies, across a network of computers from around the globe. You may wish to remove slow seeds in uTorrent to help speed up the download. People downloading files with uTorrent make use of two types of connections. The first connection is called a "peer" and the second is known as a "seed." Peers are other individuals attempting to download the file at the same time as you, meaning they only have part of the target file. Seeds are peers, or individuals, that are sharing the complete file.

Launch uTorrent from the desktop shortcut or "Start" menu.

Click the sprocket icon to open the "Preferences" menu.

Click "Advanced" in the left pane and scroll down until you see "ipfilter.enable" in the right pane.

Click on ipfilter.enable and select "true," followed by the "OK" button.

Click on one of your active downloads.

Click on the "Peers" tab in the bottom pane.

Right-click in the bottom pane and click "Resolve IPs" to disable the option.

Open a Notepad file from the "Start" menu.

Write down the IP address of the slow seed or peer you want to remove on the first line of the Notepad file. The IP addresses are shown in the first column of the bottom pane inside of uTorrent and are shown as in most cases. For example, The upload speed of each seed and peer is also shown in the same pane to help you see which ones are slow.

Add any additional IP addresses of seeds or peers you wish to remove on a separate line in the Notepad file.

Click "File" and select "Save As." Type the name "ipfilter.dat" without the quotes for the file name and choose "All files" for the file type under the drop-down menu.

Select the "uTorrent" folder found inside the "%AppData%" folder as the save location and click "Save." The file path to this folder is "C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent" on most systems. "Your Name" is the name of your user account on your system.

Click on the active download in uTorrent and right-click in the bottom pane. Select "Reload IPFilter" from the context menu to remove the slow seeds and peers you specified in the Notepad file.

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