How to Convert an SCM ScreenCam Movie to an AVI

Updated February 21, 2017

An SCM or screencam movie file records everything that is put on your PC's screen. An Audio Video Interleave or AVI file is a format created by Microsoft that stores audio and video data and is commonly used to play music and movies. You can play AVI on many different media players, but SCM files only work on the ScreenCam media player. If you want to play a screencam file on another player, you have to convert it first.

Select a software converter that you can use to convert the SCM ScreenCam Movie to an AVI. A few that you can choose from include Tipard Video Converter, Daniusoft Video Converter, or Aimersoft Video Converter (see Resource links). As of 2011 these programs all cost £26 to £39.

Download the video converter that you have chosen and install it on your computer.

Launch the video converter that you have installed to your computer by going to the "Start Menu," then "All Programs" and selecting the program. Once it is open click on "File" and "Add Files." Find the SCM ScreenCam that you want to convert and then press the "Open" button. Hit the "Profile" button and set "AVI" as the video format.

Start converting your SCM ScreenCam to AVI file by hitting the "Start" button. Wait for the SCM ScreenCam to be fully converted before closing the application window.

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