How to install Sky TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Sky TV is one of three forms of digital television service operating in the United Kingdom. It involves the use of a satellite dish to receive television signals being transmitted from one of several commercial satellites. Installation of a satellite receiver on your house is an essential part of installing Sky TV services.

Decide on the type of Sky television you want. Choose from standard Sky Digital; Sky Plus, which allows you to record a channel to the decoder box's hard drive while watching another channel, or Sky+ HD, which provides access to high-definition television channels. Choose the channel package you want, which determines the channels you have access to.

Telephone Sky television on 0844 241 4141 (accurate as of 2010). Follow the instructions on the telephone about which numbers to press to speak to the new accounts department. Speak to a customer service operator to set up a new account and arrange a time for an engineer to visit to install a satellite dish.

Test the installation by turning on your television and Sky decoder box. Select a channel and watch it for a minute or two to test signal reception. Switch to other channels and watch these for a few minutes, to check the Sky decoder box is functioning correctly. If everything looks fine, the installation has been successful. If not, contact the Sky customer service line on 08442 414 141 (accurate as of 2010) to discuss the problem.


As part of the initial phone call, you will be asked about which TV package you want. If the packages available do not suit you, there is an option to create your own package. Speak to the customer service team about the channels you are interested in, and they may be able to make a deal for you with those packages.


The Sky TV contract requires that your digital decoder box is attached to your telephone line for at least 12 months. This is part of your minimum 12-month subscription to the Sky TV service. Termination of the service before this period is up may require payment of a termination fee. Always read the small print in any contract before signing.

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