How to Beat ClickPLAY on Miniclip

Written by andrea reuter
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The flash game "ClickPLAY" has a very simple premise: In each level, you have to click on a "Play" button that appears somewhere on the screen. The "Play" button can be tricky to find, however, and each level poses a different challenge. "ClickPLAY" doesn't have a time limit, so speed isn't important. Instead, the focus is on accuracy; try to complete the game in as few clicks as possible. "ClickPLAY" is easier when you use a computer mouse rather than a trackpad.

Skill level:


  1. 1

    Click the "Play" button in the centre of the screen on the ClickPlay level.

  2. 2

    Click the letter blocks in the Play's the Word level until they spell the word "Play."

  3. 3

    Click on each chain in the Chain Gang level and drag it toward the top of the screen to get to the ends. Click on the "Play" button at the end of the third chain you pull.

  4. 4

    Click on the bird on the Raindance level. Click on its feather and drag it to the girl's hair. Click on the girl until the cloud hovers above the wilted flower, then click the cloud. Click the "Play" button in the centre of the flower.

  5. 5

    Click the doorbell on the Anybody Home? level, then quickly click on the "Play" button that appears in the top right window.

  6. 6

    Click on the ghosts in the Too Many Ghosties level until you find the one that's hiding the "Play" button, then click the button.

  7. 7

    Place your mouse cursor over one of the windows in the Stop Moving! level. Wait for the "Play" button to appear in your window, then click it.

  8. 8

    Click and hold on the train in the Last Train level. Click on the "Play" button at the end of the train.

  9. 9

    Click on the car to move it out of the way of oncoming traffic in Highway Race. Pass 10 cars without a collision, then click the "Play" button.

  10. 10

    Click and hold on the button on the right side of the elevator in Looney Lift. Move the mouse cursor through the maze without touching the sides, then click the "Play" button.

  11. 11

    Click on each bomb in ascending numerical order on Bombs Away. Click the "Play" button.

  12. 12

    Click on each man on the Happy Birthday level to determine which note he sings. Click on the men in the order of the notes on the music staff to complete the song, then click "Play."

  13. 13

    Click on the jars in Scarborough Fair so they read "Parsley," "Sage," "Rosemary" and "Thyme," from left to right. Click "Play."

  14. 14

    Spot the five differences between the two monsters on Almost Twins. Click on the eye, the right horn, the left tooth, the fur just to the right of the bottom point of the napkin and the left hand. Click the "Play" button.

  15. 15

    Click on the shells in Up + Down until all four faces beneath are revealed. Click the "Play" button.

  16. 16

    Click on the car in Drag n' Drop. Click on and lift each rock to let the car pass underneath, avoiding crashes. Click the "Play" button.

  17. 17

    Click on the ball in Bowling Ball Bash and toss it at the shelves to break all of the bottles. Click the "Play" button.

  18. 18

    Click on each pig in Mega Squeal, moving quickly from left to right, to fill the meter. Click the "Play" button.

  19. 19

    Click on the revolving arrow in Arrow Copter when it points up to move it up and right to move it right. Move the copter into the circle. Click "Play."

  20. 20

    Click on all of the stars in Star Shine. Click the outer stars first, then the inner ones, moving quickly. Click the "Play" button.

  21. 21

    Click on the knight chess piece on the Knight Moves level and move it around the chess board. Turn every square on the board grey, then click "Play."

  22. 22

    Click on the hook on the lower left corner of the screen in Curtain Call and drag it across to the lower right corner, then release it. Click on the loop on the top centre of the screen and quickly drag it down to the bottom, timing it so that the hook catches the ring and holds the screen down. Click on the "Play" button to complete "ClickPLAY."

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