How to format a text link in Facebook

Updated March 23, 2017

Facebook does not let you embed HTML code in your status updates and messages, but instead makes "Links" one of the content types you may use to share your favourite websites. Facebook makes it easy for you to add text links to your messages and gives you some flexibility in how you format them. You may share text links in your news feed as well as in private messages to others, group posts, and events. Formatting the link works the same way in all places.

Click the "Link" button in the "Share" area near the top of your Facebook home page. Type a Web address into the text box that appears.

Click the "Attach" button to open the link format options. Click the title to open a text edit box, and change the text if you wish. If you delete the text entirely, the Web address will appear in place of the title when you share the link. Similarly, you can click the website description box to change the text that's there.

Click the left or right arrow button to select a thumbnail to display with the link in your news feed, or click the "No Thumbnail" check box to remove the image.

Type something in the "Say something about this link..." box to tell those who see the post what the link is about.

Click the "Share" button to post the link on your news feed.

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