How to Get the Cheer Animation on Meez

Updated March 23, 2017

Meez is an online interactive social networking site designed specifically for teens. Teens can interact with their friends and other Meez community members by creating a 3-D Meez character, joining virtual communities or even exporting their Meez characters to other social networking sites. Meez avatars can move, jump, sit and even perform certain dances. If you want to see your Meez perform cheer routines, you can create it in a matter of minutes.

Navigate to and log in to your account using your Meez ID and password.

Click "Shop." Scroll to "Meez Maker" and click.

Click the "Animations" tab. Enter "Cheer" into the "Item Search" field and click "Go."

Scroll and find the "Cheerleading" animation. Go to the Meez avatar window and click "Save." Your Meez will now complete a cheerleader dance sequence. Although some animations are usually free, you must use a certain amount of pink Meez Coinz to use the cheer animation.


To view your Coinz balance, look at the numbers next to the pink Coinz icon. If you need more Coinz, just click the icon. On the next screen, select a Coinz package deal and payment method of your choice. The funds will be automatically credited to your account.

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