How to get a copy of birth & death records free

Updated November 21, 2016

There are certain circumstances where you may need to locate the birth or death records of your family members. Both birth and death records are considered public record and are made available for free by every state in the United States. There are some online websites that provide access to birth and death records, but these sites will almost always charge a fee for access to these documents. Visiting your state's local government page is one of the only ways to have completely free access to your family's birth and death records. This process is fairly straightforward, easy to complete and will usually give you access to your family's records in a matter of days.

Visit the website This is the official government site for all online services. Visiting this site is the most direct way to access free birth and death records. Even composing an Google search for "free birth records," usually won't provide you with free access to these documents. Many of these sites have membership costs or hidden fees you need to pay in order to access public records through their third-party site.

Determine the state in which your family member lived most recently, if you are trying to access the death records. Or, locate the state in which your family member was born, if you are looking for birth records. Each state in the United States has its own official webpage and own office of public record that you will need to visit to get your documents.

Locate the search box on the home page of site. Conduct a search by typing the name of the state your family member was born in or lived in, followed by the document you're looking for. For example, if your mother lived in Georgia, and you are looking for her death records, type in "Georgia death records."

Locate the link you need, the search will take you to the page you need to access your records. Click on the appropriate link, depending on the state you are searching, the links may be in different places.

Read the information on the appropriate record pages, to learn how to access the records you need. All of the information you need to find your family's records should be on this page. In some instances, these records will be available online, for some states you will have to e-mail or call them to view the records. Whatever the method, you may not be able to access the records instantly but access to the information will be free.

Gather as much information about your family member as possible prior to actually contacting the state's department of health. The more information you know, the easier it will be to locate their information. You will need to know some basic information such as the first and last name, but knowing the year your family member was born or died, or the county or city he lived in will make the process even easier.

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