How to Upload Text Documents to Facebook From Microsoft Word

Updated April 17, 2017

Uploading and posting photos, links and videos to your Facebook profile is a simple matter of clicking the icon at the top of your page and attaching the desired media. If you want to post a document you create on Microsoft Word to your Facebook page, you can do so, but it requires you to visit a different website first. Fuse Labs' Docs for Facebook allows you to upload or create a Word document, Excel file or PowerPoint presentation and post it to your Facebook page.

Navigate to the website and sign in with your Facebook login and password. Alternatively, log in to your Facebook account and then navigate to the website, where you will already be signed in.

Upload a previously created Word document by clicking "Upload here>>" next to the question "Got one already?" at the right-hand side of the page, near the top. Drag and drop your Word document into the window that opens, or click the link to browse for your file.

Choose your "Share With" settings by selecting "Individual friends," "All my friends," "Group," "Everyone," "Post to your Facebook Profile" or "Only Me." Click "Advanced options" to allow viewers to download your document and/or use the document as a template. If you allow your Word document to be used as a template, viewers may make a copy of your document on and use it themselves.

Allow others to edit your Word document by clicking the circle next to "Individual friends," All my friends," "Group" or "Only Me."

Click "Upload." The next page is the "My Docs" page, which will list all of your documents and provide a link to share on your Facebook page. The link format is "" with the "facebookname" part varying by individual user. Copy this link by clicking and dragging your mouse over it and then right-clicking and selecting "Copy."

Return to your Facebook profile page, enter any information you'd like in your "What's on your mind?" box, and the click the "Link" icon directly above the box. Paste the link in the box that opens by clicking in the box with your mouse, right-clicking and selecting "Paste."

Click "Attach" to post the link to your document on your Facebook profile.


Create tags for your documents to make them easier to find. For example, tag a resume with "job hunt" and "resume," or tag a poem you wrote with "personal writing" and "poetry." Type your tags in the "Tags" box on the same page on which you set the viewer and editor permissions. lets you actually create a Word document on the website if you don't have a previously created file. Click the "Word Document" icon on the home page to go to the "Microsoft Word Web App" and create and save a document. Click "Post" on the same page to place your document on the "My Docs" page so you can share it.


As always, be careful about posting personal information, such as an address and phone number that may be contained in your resume.

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