How to Get Out a Dermal Anchor on the Wrist

Updated November 21, 2016

Dermal anchors are a single point piercing that can be placed anywhere on the body. A common place to get a dermal, is on the wrist. But these may need to be removed if your body starts rejecting it, or if you need to take it out for other reasons, like a job. Removing the dermal from your wrist before it rejects can prevent scarring. This body modification is considered semi-permanent and may be difficult to remove.

Examine your wrist and the dermal, to determine if you can remove it yourself. If you can see metal through your skin, you will be able to remove it yourself. If you can't, a piercer or body modification specialist should help you.

Break the skin around the dermal, if you can see metal under the skin. The dermal is attached to your wrist because the skin grows through the holes in the anchor. To do this, twist the stud or jewellery that is above the skin. This may cause some pain or discomfort: But it is necessary for removal.

Contact your trusted piercer or body mod specialist to remove the dermal from your wrist, if you can't see the metal of the anchor under your skin. The piercer will remove the dermal by first cleaning it with surgical scrub and taking it out, using a scalpel or piercing needle. No stitches will be necessary because the incision will be small.

Clean your wrist daily with soap and water. Use unscented antibacterial soap to avoid infection.


Keep the dermal site dry and free of any ointments or bandages.

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