How do I get photos from cyberlink youcam to my computer?

CyberLink YouCam software works in conjunction with virtually any USB or built-in webcam. The software gives users access to an array of "effects" to create visually-interesting webcam video feeds or still photographs. (See Reference 1). Taking a snapshot with CyberLink YouCam software requires a single mouse click, but saving those photos to a customised place on your hard drive takes a little extra work.

Open CyberLink YouCam. When you launch the software, your webcam automatically turns on and begins broadcasting a local feed. You should be able to see yourself on your screen, and a list of options will appear near the feed.

Click on the "Settings" button, located in the upper left-hand corner. The "Settings" button features an icon of the CyberLink logo. (See References 2, page. 32).

Click on the three dots beneath "Capture Folder" to select the hard drive location for your CyberLink YouCam images. (See References 2, page 32). You can place the photos anywhere on your computer.

Click on any effects you want to add to the photo from within the "Effects" task pane, located on the right-hand side of the screen.

Click on the "Snapshot" button located underneath the live feed. (See References 2, page 14). This button is indicated by a blue camera icon. Your screen flashes momentarily, then a preview image appears momentarily. Your photo is now saved to your computer for future use.

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