How to Install a Line on a Ryobi Pro Cut II

Updated November 21, 2016

String trimmers are used in both residential and commercial properties to cut hard-to-reach weeds and grass. Trimmers use nylon cutting line in a range of sizes, including .080 up to .105 inch in diameter. Many trimmers feature trimmer heads onto which lengths of line must be wound. However, the Ryobi Pro Cut II trimmer head is designed to eliminate the need for winding nylon trimmer line.

Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug tip before starting work on the Ryobi Pro Cut II trimmer head.

Choose a precut length of line designed for use with the Ryobi Pro Cut II head. Select a line diameter up to .105 inch for use with the trimmer head. Choose the line diameter based on the type of cutting to be done. Use a larger-diameter line such as .095 or .105, for example, when cutting thicker and heavier weeds.

Locate the loading slot with the arrow on one side of the trimmer head. Hold the replacement trimmer line length so one end is accessible. Push the end of the line into the line slot in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Continue pushing the line into the trimmer head until the end emerges on top of the trimmer head. Hold the longer end of the trimmer line out toward the edge of the plastic guard attached to the shaft of the trimmer. Adjust the length of the line so it is just short of the guard edge.

Locate the line loading slot on the opposite side of the trimmer head. Insert another length of line in the same diameter as the first into the slot. Push the line through until it emerges from the top of the trimmer head. Adjust the length of the line in relation to the plastic guard. Reconnect the spark plug wire.

Things You'll Need

  • Trimmer with Pro Cut II Trimmer head
  • Replacement nylon cutting line lengths
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