How to Tell If a Girl's in Love

Updated February 21, 2017

Some guys are not comfortable confessing their true feelings -- the "L" word -- until they know for sure that a girl loves them back. Rather than speaking up, guys decode female behaviours, looking for signs and deciphering hidden messages that a girl has, indeed, fallen in love. If you and the girl you adore are on the cusp of taking your relationship to the next level, you can sweep her off her feet by recognising that she loves you and beating her to the punch by telling her you love her first.

Count all the small, thoughtful gestures she does for you. If she goes out of her way to bring you lunch at your office, buys you small trinkets throughout the week, bakes you her famous chocolate chip cookies without you even having to ask and gives you unsolicited shoulder massages after a long day of work, these are signs that she is smote.

Pay attention to how she looks at you. A playful gaze when the two of you are being flirtatious is different than a loving look where you can feel her soul staring into yours. Her loving look might have less eyebrow action and more sincerity and sweetness once she has fallen in love.

Listen to the things she talks about. If she feels comfortable sharing her innermost secrets, dreams and fears, then she is past the point of just being interested in you or liking you. Now she feels close enough to you to be her true self, which is a good sign. You can also find out how much she talks about you to others. When a girl is in love, she gushes about the man who stole her heart, from how she loves the way he holds his fork to the cute pillowcase he has on his bed.

Measure her proximity to you. A girl who loves you wants to be next to you, touching you, propping her feet onto you or swaddling you in her arms as often as she can.

Pay attention when she grooms you. If a girl loves you, she will dry you off when something spills on you, extract a piece of lint from your hair and have no problem whatsoever letting you know that you have something up your nose or in your ear. Grooming patterns are symbolic of love and affection, because she has got to a point where she wants to take care of you.

Observe how she acts with your friends and family. If she accepts them as her own, makes herself fit in and talks about what a wonderful person you are in front of them, then she loves you.

Read between the lines. When a girl loves you, she might give you hidden messages by saying she loves something else instead, such as "I just love the way you look at me" or "I love how you make me feel so happy." If she tosses around the L word more often than she used to, chances are she loves you.

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