How to attach sandpaper to a dremel

Updated February 21, 2017

Best known for its rotary tools that cut, grind, shape and sand, Dremel also produces an oscillating tool designed for multiple tasks. Attaching sandpaper to either of these Dremel tools is a fairly simple task.

Choose the sanding attachment that is best suited to the project. Dremel offers three sanding attachments for its rotary tool: a sanding disk for flat surfaces; sanding bands for narrow surfaces, such as the edge of a piece of wood; and flapwheels, for sanding corners and right angles.

Hold the chuck key in your hand and insert the key into the chuck on the Dremel tool. Turn the key counterclockwise to open the chuck.

Insert the shaft of the sanding band drum, flapwheel or sanding disk into the chuck.

Reinsert the chuck key into the chuck and turn the key clockwise to tighten the chuck. This holds the sanding attachment in place.

Insert the Dremel oscillating tool accessory key over the end of the accessory attachment nut on the shaft of the oscillating tool.

Twist the key counterclockwise to loosen the retaining nut. Remove the nut from the shaft of the tool.

Insert the Velcro-style hook and loop sanding pad over the shaft. Replace the retaining nut over the shaft. Tighten the nut, and sanding pad, in place with the key.

Press a piece of sandpaper, with its hook and loop back, onto the sanding pad with your fingers.


You can replace worn out sandpaper sheets on the rotary tool by removing the screw at the head of the flat sanding accessory shaft with a screwdriver.

Things You'll Need

  • Dremel rotary tool
  • Dremel rotary chuck key
  • Dremel rotary tool sanding band
  • Dremel rotary tool sanding flapwheel
  • Dremel rotary tool sanding disks
  • Dremel rotary tool sandpaper disks
  • Dremel oscillating tool
  • Dremel oscillating tool hook and loop sanding pad
  • Dremel oscillating tool sandpaper disks
  • Dremel oscillating tool accessory key
  • Screwdriver
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