How to Draw Tekken 6 Characters

Updated April 17, 2017

Namco's Tekken is a three-dimensional fighting video game that was first released to consumers on the PlayStation gaming console. Tekken 6 was publicly released in October 2009 on the PlayStation 3, PSP and Arcade gaming formats. This version of the fighting game features 41 total characters for gameplay, both new and old characters. If you would like to draw one of these characters yourself, a picture of these characters will better assist you in accurately portraying the intended fighter.

Browse through a collection of pictures of Tekken 6 characters, choosing the right fighter posing in the intended position you have in mind for the drawing. Video game characters are depicted through pixelated representations, whereas a still image drawing of a character will lend more detail to the viewer.

Sketch the outline of the character's head and body using light pencil marks until you are satisfied with the proportions. Notice how the fighter is positioned in the picture and check your outline for any differences. Erase and fix these differences before proceeding with the detailed sections of the drawing.

Add basic features to the character's head and body, such as the shapes of the eyes, nose, mouth, hands, torso and feet. Study the picture closely, ensuring that you sketch the basic body features as proportionally accurate as possible.

Concentrate on each of the body features you have just sketched, adding more detail to these individual features. Take note of the fighter's clothing and how it drapes over the body. Re-create the muscle tone of the fighters, as well. Continue using light pencil marks as you detail each portion of the character's body.

Check the sketched version of your Tekken 6 character with the picture you are using as a reference guide, taking note of any similarities or differences between the two. Erase any last-minute mistakes on the drawing that diminish the quality.

Outline the entire body and all of the detailed features of the fighter with an ink pen. Move slowly and as carefully as you can with the pen, as you will not be able to fix any noticeable mistakes like you could with the pencil. Let the ink dry for several minutes, then erase any remaining pencil markings on the page.

Shade your Tekken 6 character to add a more realistic and three-dimensional effect to the drawing. Check the reference picture for examples of shading, taking note of how a single light source on the page illuminates certain areas of the fighter's body while casting shadows in other areas. Common areas for shading are below the chin on the neckline, underneath the eyes, insides of the arm and through any creases in the clothing.

Things You'll Need

  • Drawing pad
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Eraser
  • Pictures of Tekken characters
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