How to Access a Privacy Protected Facebook Account

While connecting and sharing are key components of Facebook, many users opt for higher levels of privacy protection. Facebook privacy settings allow users to safeguard personal information, photos and other content that is contained within the walls of their Facebook account. If you're unable to access the profile information or profile page of a fellow Facebook user, it is likely that their privacy settings have restricted you from doing so. With a successfully accepted friend request you can have access to privacy protected Facebook accounts.

Log in to your Facebook account.

Use the search box at the top of your profile page to type the name of the person you wish to add.

Scroll through the list of search results for the person's name, location or photo and make your selection.

Click the "Add As Friend" link at the top of the page. Look for a confirmation message from Facebook detailing the acceptance of your friend request.

You now have the ability to access any information that is not restricted further by your new friend's privacy restrictions.


Some Facebook users have adjusted privacy settings that prevent the "Add As Friend" link from appearing, making it impossible to send a friend request and ultimately access their account.


Facebook users are restricted from sending friend requests to people whom they do not already know personally. Facebook users who send multiple unanswered friend requests may be temporarily blocked from sending friend requests.

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