How to Make Easy Easter Baskets for Kids

Delight the kid in your life by creating the perfect Easter basket for him, packed with gifts he'll love. Although you could just buy a pre-made Easter basket, putting one together yourself makes it much more personal. There's no limit to the types of snacks, toys and trinkets you can include. Choose items to fit a theme, such as the child's favourite book character, or simply choose a variety of items you know he'll enjoy.

Choose a basket to hold the gifts. Many Easter baskets come in pastel colours, but feel free to choose otherwise. Some children, especially older ones, might prefer natural colours like brown or white. A basket in the child's favourite colour is another option.

Line the basket with tissue paper or cellophane grass. You can even use a small blanket, tote bag or other fabric gift.

Add candy and snacks. Chocolate eggs and jelly beans are a staple in Easter baskets. Other snack ideas include coloured eggs, dried or fresh fruit and cookies.

Consider other gifts. Books, small toys and games all have their place in an Easter basket. The sky is the limit -- any gift that fits in the basket will do.

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