How to Put a Face on a Crocheted Doll

Updated April 17, 2017

Crocheted dolls are whimsical and heartfelt handmade creations. They feature soft, huggable bodies. Sometimes special clothes are made to dress them in; other times the clothes are crocheted into the shapes of their bodies. However, faces are not as easy to create. It can be difficult to make a reasonable face just by crocheting in facial features using yarn. The best way to add a face is to embroider eyes, a nose, a mouth and any other desired features onto the front surface of the head.

Chose an embroidery thread colour for the eyes, and cut a long piece of that thread. Find a crocheted stitch closest to where you want the left eye to be. Thread the needle, then insert it into one side of the stitch and out the other. Do not pull the thread all the way through. Tie a loose knot in the thread using both ends, so that the knot is over the crocheted stitch. Then slide the knotted loop so that it disappears into the doll's head. Sew over the crocheted stitch by bringing the thread over the stitch, into one side and back out the other side. Keep doing this until the stitch is covered and you have a satisfactory eye shape. Repeat this to make the right eye.

Use red or black embroidery thread to make the doll's mouth. Split the thread so that there are three or four strands held together in a group, the cut a length of the thread. Choose a spot the is close to the middle of the bottom of the face area. Insert the needle into, back out of the face, and into the face again so that the thread creates a short stitch on the face. Bring the needle back out an equal distance away. Then insert the needle into the spot where the first stitch ended. Bring the needle back out an equal distance from the end of the second stitch. Keep repeating this back stitch until you have made a line for the mouth. Draw the thread into the doll's head, bringing your needle out of the back. Cut any excessive thread.

Make the nose by making a widened U shape above the mouth, close to the middle of the face. Again, separate three or four strands from the embroidery thread before cutting it and threading the needle. Make the U shape using the same back stitch and finishing method you used to make the mouth.


Add eyelashes to a girl doll by embroidering three or four short lines coming out from the eyes. Add eyebrows by making short curved or horizontal lines using the back stitch.

Things You'll Need

  • Embroidery thread in different colours
  • Scissors
  • Needle
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