How to Perform a Monitor Reset on a Dell 1901FP

Written by blaze johnson | 13/05/2017

The Dell 1901FP is a 19-inch, TFT active-matrix LCD display screen. It features an image contrast ratio of 600-to-1, antiglare coating, a maximum screen resolution of 1280 by 1024 pixels and a 25 millisecond response time. The 1901FP also features DVI-D and VGA connection options. The monitor's on-screen menus let you configure certain picture settings, such as the colour balance, image position, brightness, contrast and phase. Resetting the monitor will revert the settings back to the factory default configuration.

Turn on the monitor.

Press the "OSD" button, located at the bottom front portion of the monitor.

Navigate to the "Factory Reset" option by pressing the "+" button.

Highlight the "Factory Reset" option and press the "OSD" button again.

Select the appropriate reset option presented on the menu, using either the "+" or "-" button. After highlighting your desired reset option, press the "OSD" button.

Highlight "Exit" and press the "OSD" button to escape the reset menu. Highlight the "Exit" option and press the "OSD" button to exit the main menu.

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