How to Put Your Poem on a Wood Plaque

Updated February 21, 2017

Creating a wooden plaque to display a poem is one way to share the work with others. This task may be accomplished with a few crafting items. With paper and cut wood, the poem may be preserved for years to come. The less crafty can buy precut wood for the project and use a computer printer to print out the poem.

Carve out the plaque. Select a piece of wood at least 3 inches thick and free of knots. Use a band saw to cut the wood into the desired shape.

Use a fine-grain sandpaper to smooth the wooden piece. It should be free of rough spots.

Cut a piece of acid-free paper to fit the plaque. Use permanent ink to transpose the poem onto the paper.

Apply d├ęcoupage glue to the wooden plaque and put the poem in place. Smooth out any wrinkles using the side of the hand. Allow the adhesive to dry in accordance with the product directions.

Use a small paint brush to cover the plaque with a layer of wood lacquer. Allow to dry prior to adding a second coat.


A wood log, with the bark in place, may be cut crosswise to create a different edge for the plaque.


A long poem will not be readable in a small space. Be sure the length of the poem is proportionate to the size of the plaque.

Things You'll Need

  • Band saw
  • Wood
  • Fine-grain sandpaper
  • Acid-free paper
  • Ink pen
  • Scissors
  • Découpage glue
  • Lacquer
  • Small paint brushes
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